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Science promotion in Bistita-Nasaud county

Project description

Promoting science and research in a small Romanian town

Dedicated to bringing researchers closer to the public, the annual European Researchers’ Night events in Romania focus on showing how science impacts daily life. The EU-funded Science4future project will organise the 2020 events in the small town of Bistrița in northern Transylvania. Since events like this are rather rare outside the big cities, it will be a unique opportunity for the residents of Bistrița. The project's aims are to combat some of the stereotypes that the public has about scientists and encourage young people to pursue careers in research. The main concept proposed for 2020 is to reduce the passive presentation of what it means to be a researcher by involving the people directly in different interactive activities such as games, workshops and debates.


Science plays a major role in the development of a society. Despite this, the general population of Romania has little knowledge about the impact of research on all aspects of life.
In this context, events that advertise science among the general public are very welcome. Another strong argument in favour of organising the science popularization event in Bistrița is that this kind of events usually take place in major cities, while in small and medium towns they are very rare, so their population is missing the opportunity to discover science from a different perspective; in turn, this lack of information facilitates the occurrence of stereotypes about scientists and their work and about the usefulness of scientific research, which ultimately discourages young people to pursue a career in R&D.
The main concept proposed for 2020 is to reduce the passive presentation of what means to be a researcher, by involving the people directly in different interactive activities (workshops, games, competition, debates etc.). The project is constructed around three basic ideas: Future through past; Health and wealth through a clean environment; Economic development of the county through technology and innovation.
An important objective is also the future utilization of information gathered during the event, in order to enable cooperation between relevant actors that are committed to support scientific collaboration that may generate new opportunities for research and industry and new knowledge and know-how that can be shared by confronting new ideas and viewpoints.
Regarding the audience, the Dissemination Strategy will be directed towards various user groups, such as: the general public, especially young people, the scientific community, public institutions, NGOs, policy-makers, various associations, businesses etc.
The partners have the complementary skills to assure the achievement of the project objectives and the future exploitation of the results.


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