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Training in Upscaling particle Systems: Advancing Industry across Length-scales

Project description

Ensuring particle models reflect system behaviour on industrial scales

Particulate matter is ubiquitous – from grains of sand on the beach and aerosols in our environment to powders in pharmaceutical pills and raw materials for industrial processes. Numerical models are fundamental to enhancing our understanding of the behaviours of such matter. However, there is always a trade-off: retaining enough detail as the model is scaled up from particle to system so that accuracy is maintained versus simplifying so that computation does not become intractable without adding value to the outcome. The EU-funded TUSAIL project is training a new generation of researchers to develop and apply novel methodologies of upscaling that ensure a scaled model retains the information necessary to capture system behaviour. Outcomes will be invaluable to numerous industries, significantly enhancing EU competitiveness and human capacity.


The overarching objective of TUSAIL is to train 15 creative, entrepreneurial and innovative Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) in developing, applying and validating novel methodologies for upscaling of particulate systems across the length-scales and this way to help advance the innovation capacity in European industry. Training and research of the ESRs will be structured involving multiple disciplines (physics, engineering, informatics and mathematics), internationally covered by all partners, and involving state-of-the-art research and transferable, intersectoral skills from both academia and industry. This will deliver a cohort of experts in upscaling techniques able to eliminate industry’s reliance on traditional, costly pilot plants and thereby enhance European competitiveness, reducing risks and saving valuable resources. The ambitious training goal will be completed by top-edge research in three research WPs that address three complementary methods to modernise upscaling with an overarching WP that combines calibration and validation, targeting applications in real-life industrial practice. The TUSAIL multidisciplinary team with top level academic institutions, complemented by leaders in the field from the nonacademic sector, will deliver ESRs with strongly enhanced career perspectives and the ability to address critical challenges in the field and at the same time strengthen Europe’s human capital base in R&I.

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€ 857 894,13

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