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Blockchain Protocol for Responsible Mineral Sourcing

Project description

Innovative tool for mineral tracking

There is an increasing demand for reliable tools that allow responsible mineral sourcing and value chain tracking. The EU-funded MINESPIDER project is an open blockchain protocol and decentralised application that permits the creation of digital certificates to track minerals across global supply chains. The tool shares invariable data along a supply chain representing specific volumes of minerals. With the support of the Horizon 2020 INNOSUP grant, MINESPIDER will introduce consultancy capabilities to enable customers to link the physical material to the certificates and verify the certified information. The project will also develop a service based on physical tracking, IoT and AI applications and link it to a platform that it is developing.


Founded in 2018, Minespider is an open blockchain protocol and DApp for creating digital certificates to track minerals along global supply chains. The demand for such verified and trusted information is immense. With Minespider, we are working on the forefront of innovative tools that allow all companies in all industries and on all tiers in a supply chain to easily provide, share, collect and assess verified information on the materials they buy and sell, regardless of their transformation along the manufacturing process to create transparent and non-corruptible value chains in a trusted environment without the need for any middlemen.

The Minespider Certificates are a tool to share immutable data along a supply chain that represent specific volumes of minerals. With the support if the INNOSUP grant, we aim to also add consultancy capabilities within the team to guide customers on how the physical material can be linked to the Certificates and how it can be verified that the certified information truly represents the physical material and products.

To ultimately goal of the IA’s project is to develop a new service based on research in the area of Physical Tracking, Internet of Things, as well as Artificial Intelligence applications and business cases that can be linked to the platform and product that we develop, complementing our solution. Minespider will therefore be sharpening its role in the industry as not only as the key provider of a decentralized traceability infrastructure, but also as an educator and consultancy provider in the field.

This innovation is the central part of our strategy and is highly disruptive. Our mission is to establish the Minespider Infrastructure as the best practice in terms of responsible mineral sourcing and value chain tracking for all stakeholders - upstream, downstream and worldwide. Ultimately, our innovation drives our overall strategy to unify and standardize international efforts to address conflict minerals.

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