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Novel advanced encapsulation system for delivery and protection of next-generation cell-based therapies


Cell and gene therapies holds tremendous therapeutic promise for patients worldwide and represent a valuable global market opportunity. Still, cell-based therapies present challenges related chiefly to cell retention, engraftment and survival. Minimally invasive cell delivery and improved retention by means of an encapsulation technology is a driver for generating more predictable clinical outcomes with lesser immune rejection in a variety of disease areas. Stemmatters has built a highly versatile platform technology to design novel molecules with attributes to safeguard cells and support cell function and retention. Based on a chemically defined template, our technology provides rapid generation of compound libraries supporting establishment of safe, less costly and more effective cell-based therapies. The performance and cost effectiveness of our development platform surpasses competing technologies.
NOAHs-ARK (spelled as Noah´s ark) aims to disrupt the current market landscape by developing Stemmatters’ encapsulation platform to other therapeutic applications of large unmet demand. Recruitment and integration of an Innovation associate (IA) with specific expertise in cell-based therapy into Stemmatters is a significant milestone that will dramatically increase Stemmatters capabilities, strengthen existing collaborations, and expand business opportunities. The IA will provide Stemmatters with important technical expertise and a comprehensive understanding of market unmet needs and current competitive dynamics. The IA will lead development of our innovative platform to other therapeutic applications of large unmet need, by designing in vitro studies for specific disease indications in need of enabling cell encapsulation solutions. Biomaterials entering the pipeline will be supported by technical product dossiers to assist regulatory submissions, smooth translation to the clinic and commercialization by strategic licensing and/or supply agreements.

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