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The power of prosumers in publishing


Initial strategic dissemination, communication and public engagement plans

Comprehensive plan to promote a unified message towards target audience and the foreseen public engagement activities It includes the public launch visual identity set and website T61

Möbius evaluation framework and large scale pilot descriptions

A report describing the evaluation framework including key performance indicators for assessing the project progress and a detailed planning of all piloting activities that will be implemented in WP3 WP4 and WP5 and key performance indicators for assessing the project The deliverable will also contain the exante scenario of the value chain without considering Mbius development T22

Ethical requirements for human participation in research

Report containing details on the procedures and criteria that will be used to identifyrecruit research participants including early adopters and participants in requirement gathering and validation activities T14

Protection of Personal Data (POPD)

This deliverable contains details on the protection of personal data policies in the Mbius project including if applicable authorisations of the national DPAs to collect personal and sensitive information T13

Interim report on prosumer business models and IP framework

Focused on IP aspects this report will clarify the foundations of fair and sustainable with prosumers T34

Möbius technology blueprint

Report containing the guidelines to assist the design of software integrations and tools including prioritized requirements and user feedback integration process T23

Möbius theoretical framework: opportunities, benefits, and risks

A foundation for user cooperation in the publishing value chains including the opportunities benefits and risks T21

Möbius production scripts

Report accounting for all preproduction activities and the scripts for the Mbius book experiences T42

Möbius book functional prototype

A functional version of the Möbius book modules. The accompanying report will account for the co-creation workshops and user engagement activities (T4.3)

Prosumer intelligence toolkit: minimum viable product (MVP)

Interim implementation of the toolkit allowing key functionalities and report extraction for tests with professional users.

Knowledge extraction models

Collection of digital methods and metrics for extracting relevant prosumer intelligence information from open communities (T3.1).

Initial data management plan

Initial report of the project data management plan following the FAIR Data Management guidelines and template published by H2020 programme T13

Möbius open call: Fantasy

Launch of the in Mbius open call for manuscripts in Mbius project website T42


The Role of Prosumer in Reshaping the Publishing Industry: Preliminary Findings from the Möbius Project

Author(s): De Rosa, Simona; Jennes, Iris; Van den Broeck, Wendy; Van Dam, Thomas; Castillo Cardenas, Patricia; Nicolai, Andrea
Published in: Publishing Research Quarterly, Issue 19364792, 2022, ISSN 1936-4792
Publisher: Springer
DOI: 10.1007/s12109-022-09861-w

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