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greEN Energy hUbs for local integRated energy cOmmunities optimizatioN


Introduction and development of Local Energy Communities in Europe

A report describing the existing and emerging regulatory developments with regard to energy communities in Europe and across Member States

Limitations and shortcomings for optimal use of local resources

A report describing the main limitations and shortcomings found in Europe that obstacle the optimal use of local energy resources

Technical solutions for multi carrier integrated systems under the LEC concept: A review

A report describing the technological solutions software and hardware that could better enable the establishment of local energy systems by achieving synergies among different energy conversion systems The report will have an informative scope both on the achievable integration objectives and the enabling technological assets

Annual progress report (first year)

The first annual progress report will include a description of progress during the first year towards the scientific and dissemination objectives as well as a description of progress towards the foreseen milestones and deliverables

Local multi-vector energy systems within the European political and regulatory landscape: scope and key priorities for the study

A report describing the results of the critical analysis of the European policy and regulatory framework on the local multivector energy systems

Report on the energy hub concept and the multi objective programming approach of an energy hub

A report describing the energy hub concept developed in eNeuron and the multiobjective approach to achieve the short and longterm sustainability of energy hubs

Project handbook

The handbook will specify in detail the description of the work DoW to be done during the projects execution in order to promote effective transdisciplinary work in the consortium and ensure adequate communication among partners

Website online

The website is launched as the main online access point to key information including the project objectives partners events publications news materials and crosslinks to other EU projects and initiatives

Presentation video and brochure

As part of the visual identity a project presentation video is developed to present the project in a clear and easytounderstand way addressing users and potential adopters at large A brochure is also produced describing the overall approach of the project its innovation and the expected impacts to be widely distributed at meetings and events

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Enabling Technologies for Wide-Scale Implementation of Energy Communities’ Projects

Author(s): Fabio Maria Aprà, Raymond Sterling, Farhan Farrukh, Jussi Kiljander, Alessandra Cuneo, Gabriele Comodi, Alexis David, Marialaura Di Somma, Ismini Dimitriadou, Stylianos Zikos
Published in: Environmental Sciences Proceedings, Volume 11, Issue 1, 2021
Publisher: MDPI
DOI: 10.3390/environsciproc2021011014