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greEN Energy hUbs for local integRated energy cOmmunities optimizatioN

Project description

Optimised local energy communities

Local energy communities (LECs) are collective energy actions involving citizen participation in the energy system and resulting in benefits for members of the local community. The EU-funded eNeuron project intends to develop innovative instruments for the best design and performance of LECs, integrating distributed energy resources and multiple energy carriers at different levels. By promoting the Energy Hub concept as a conceptual model to control and manage multi-carrier and integrated energy systems, the project will propose instruments that promote tangible sustainability and energy security benefits for all stakeholders in LECs. The results will benefit local prosumers by reducing energy costs and promoting local low-carbon energy. It will also provide developers and solution providers with new opportunities for technologies and benefit distribution system operators.


The main goal of the eNeuron project is to develop innovative tools for the optimal design and operation of local energy communities (LECs) integrating distributed energy resources and multiple energy carriers at different scales. This goal will be achieved, by having in mind all the potential benefits achievable for the different actors involved and by promoting the Energy Hub concept, as a conceptual model for controlling and managing multi-carrier and integrated energy systems in order to optimize their architecture and operation. In order to ensure both the short-term and the long-term sustainability of this new energy paradigm and thus support an effective implementation and deployment, economic and environmental aspects will be taken into account in the optimization tools through a multi-objective approach. eNeuron’s proposed tools enable tangible sustainability and energy security benefits for all the stakeholders in the LEC. Local prosumers (households, commercial and industrial actors) stand to benefit through the reduction of energy costs while leveraging local, low carbon energy. Developers and solution providers will find new opportunities for technologies as part of an integrated, replicable operational business model. Distribution system operators (DSOs) benefit from avoiding grid congestion and deferring network investments. Policy makers benefit from increasingly sustainable and secure energy supply systems. eNeuron is a high TRL project in line with the Work Programme, by developing innovative approaches and methodologies to optimally plan and operate integrated LECs through the optimal selection and use of multiple energy carriers and by considering both short- and long-run priorities. Through optimally coordinating all energy carriers and vectors, cost-effective and low-carbon solutions will be provided for fostering the deployment and implementation of this new energy paradigm at European level.

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