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Boosting DR through increased communIty-level consumer engaGement by combining Data-driven and blockcHain technology Tools with social science approaches and multi-value service design


Big data fine-grained distributed energy forecasting tool - first

First version of the energy prediction tool and ML assemble based techniques considering energy related features Success criteria Tool is operational and successfully predicts energy consumption at different time and space granularitiesT42

Electrical and thermal communities DTs' models - first version

First version of the specification and design of Electrical and thermal communitys DT models Success criteria Availability of the DT modelsT45

DTs' model for costumer's categorization - first version

First version of the specification and design of costumers categorization DT models Success criteria Availability of the DT modelsT44

Flexible assets DT models - first version

This deliverable includes both the proof of concept and the design specifications of the DT models for identified flexible assets aiming to enact their optimal control and dynamic coupling with consumers The report will illustrate how the DT can be used to provide more and better information about the asset through EFI to the energy service Success criteria Availability of the first version of flexible assets DT modelsT43

P2P flexibility provisioning tool - first version

The first version of the P2P energy and flexibility trading platform enabling community orchestration via competitive procurement models Success criteria first version of the platform is operational and comparative trading smart contracts are available T62

Blockchain based management platform for DR programs - first version

First version of the blockchain platform for decentralized DR control and control signal injection mechanism Success criteria the platform is available and able to manage electrical DR servicesT63

Data Collection - first version

This report summarizes the approach for unified collection and processing of data in BRIGHT pilots A special attention is devoted to retrofitting and integration with legacy systems Success criteria The The first release reports on the approach involved systems and overall data collection scopeT41

DLT/Smart contracts Data Governance for digital fingerprinting of energy data - first version

First version of scalable distributed ledger for tamper evident storage and sharing of smart energy crossdomain heterogeneous data and metadata after a process of harmonization and integration Success criteria The first version of the ledger is available and can manage and integrate energy and nonenergy data of different stakeholdersT61

Cross-domain Data & Service Interoperability - final version

This deliverable will enhance the previous D23 data models Success criteria The report will contain the definition of architecture and specification of interoperability requirementsT23

Report on dissemination - first version

This deliverable reports on the dissemination activities Success Criteria the document should describe the web and Social media strategies to be applied for user engagement and related materialT84

Assessment and evaluation of citizen engagement strategies and social acceptance in BRIGHT - first version

This report refers to T33 It will describe the tailored method to assess and evaluate the DR consumer engagement process as well as their social acceptance Success criteria Availability of the BRIGHT assessment methodology T33

Trial scenario Definitions and Evaluation Methodology

This document represents the first version of the BRIGHT technology validation plan Success Criteria the document should report the plan including methodology materials for customers assessment preliminary testunit cases procedures and timingT71

Overview of barriers and drivers for consumer engagement in DR

This report will be the basis of the initial context assessment in terms of enacting citizen participation in DR schemes. Specifically, the report will provide a concise overview of barriers and drivers as identified by analysing and reviewing existing products, services, incentives and policies that can both hinder or enable consumer engagement in DR, including not only technical factors but also socio-economic and institutional elements that affect in a non-trivial, inter-relational way citizens engagement for different consumer segments. Success criteria: The report will contain a thorough analysis and review of the current context for consumer engagement. [T3.1]

Cross-domain Data & Service Interoperability - first version

This report summarizes the BRIGHT approach for data and services interoperability It builds on existing methodologies describes adaptations for the application in energy domain and provides guidelines for interoperability with legacystandard solutions Success criteria The deliverable will provide the data models and servicesT23

Report on collaboration with other projects - second version

This deliverable is the second report on the collaboration with other projects Success Criteria report of collaboration activities T91 T92

User group needs, requirement and advanced DR engagement scenarios

This report describes the needs of identified user groups It builds on the envisioned piloting use cases with specific technical characteristics as well as distinct customer bases Moreover the needs are mapped to BRIGHT target customers and complemented by business and customer engagement scenarios Success criteria The BRIGHT requirements are clearly definedT21

BRIGHT in lab validation report

This report will present the results from the inlab evaluation process of BRIGHT technology that will be conducted at TNOs HESI lab facilities Success Criteria This report will provide valuable lessons learned and technological feedback to the follow up deployment within the BRIGHT pilotsitesT72

Data Management Plan - second version

Description This deliverable will provide an updated description of the data management procedures Success Criteria The availability of the reportT13

BRIGHT new business models- first version

This document defines the envisioned BRIGHT business models Success Criteria Availability of the initial business models

Privacy, Ethics and Legal Requirements

This deliverable refers to T2.4. It will specify the requirements related to the cyber-security and data protection to be taken into account in the BRIGHT system implementation. Success criteria: Requirements for security are clearly described. [T2.4]

BRIGHT exploitation planning - first version

This document is the first Exploitation Strategy IPR and sustainability that defines the management and promotion of the exploitation of project results Success Criteria the document should clearly describe the envisioned exploitation planT83

CODEC model adapted to estimate the uptake of DR products and services

This report will provide the results from adapting the CODEC model to the specificities related to citizens decisions to adopting products and services that further enable DR An important element of the report will be the integration of ESSIM and CODEC to provide insights on how demand supply balance in the energy system can affect stakeholder decision making power and enactment Success criteria The report will provide the adapted CODEC model and its associated results for BRIGHT applicationT32

Report on analysis on obstacles to innovation

This deliverable will provide a complete list and definition of the main technological economic regulatory and human EU barriers in engaging decentralized flexibility assets and end users in DR programs Success criteria The report will clearly define the EU barriers to be overcome in BRIGHT

Data Management Plan – first version

This deliverable will provide a description of the data management procedures. Success Criteria: The availability of the report.[T1.3]

DR technologies and tools

This deliverable will provide the design of the DR technologies to be used in BRIGHT in terms of technical and functional specifications of BRIGHT components with an indepth definition of the new tools and functionalities that will be developed in technical WPs Success criteria A complete set of technologiestools requirements will be delivered in the reportT22

Dissemination and Communication Plan

This document includes the Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication Plans in order to achieve a high level of visibility of the project outcomes. Success Criteria: the document should deliver detailed plans including target groups and stakeholders, strategies to be applied, and key indicators. [T8.4]

Standardization activities - first version

This report will discuss the BRIGHT consortiums efforts in relation to contributing to relevant standards and collaborating with the associated SDOs and will contain initial findings Success criteria Initial standardisation planT85

Report on collaboration with other projects - first version

This deliverable is the first report on the collaboration with other projects Success Criteria the targeted projects should be identified and an interaction strategy should be defined T91 T92

New multi-value services for DR engagement

The deliverable will contain a detailed description of each of the designed novel multivalue chain combined services It will also contain a listing of which parameters would be more relevant to be further analysed and incorporated into subsequent modelling activities carried out along WP4 Success criteria The combined services shall include amongst others combining electricity and thermal energy or combining demand response and energy efficiency

BRIGHT market analysis - first version

This document describes the first market analysis results Success Criteria Availability of the market analysis results T82

Project Website

The deliverable represents the project website. Success Criteria: the accompanying document should describe the Webportal structure.[T8.4]


Cooperative Games Over Blockchain and Smart Contracts for Self-Sufficient Energy Communities

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Key Factors Which Contribute to the Participation of Consumers in Demand Response Programs and Enable the Proliferation of Renewable Energy Sources

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Blockchain based decentralized local energy flexibility market

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Privacy-Preserving Computation for Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading on a Public Blockchain

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Smart contracts and homomorphic encryption for private P2P energy trading and demand response on blockchain

Author(s): Dan Mitrea, Liana Toderean, Tudor Cioara, Ionut Anghel, Marcel Antal
Published in: Heliyon, 2023, ISSN 2405-8440
Publisher: Elsevier
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Blockchain-Based Distributed Federated Learning in Smart Grid

Author(s): Marcel Antal; Vlad Mihailescu; Tudor Cioara; Ionut Anghel
Published in: Mathematics; Volume 10; Issue 23; Pages: 4499, Issue 8, 2022, ISSN 2227-7390
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A Machine Learning Pipeline to Forecast the Electricity and Heat Consumption in a City District

Author(s): Antonesi, G.; Cioara, T.; Toderean, L.; Anghel, I.; De Mulder, C.
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Distributed Ledger Technology Review and Decentralized Applications Development Guidelines

Author(s): Claudia Antal , Tudor Cioara, Ionut Anghel, Marcel Antal, Ioan Salomie
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Hybrid Deep Neural Network Model for Multi-Step Energy Prediction of Prosumers

Author(s): Antal M, Toderean L, Cioara T, Anghel I.
Published in: Applied Sciences, Issue 12, 2022, ISSN 2076-3417
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Location and sizing of hydrogen based systems in distribution network for renewable energy integration

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"""Physics informed neural networks for control oriented thermal modeling of buildings"

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Review of bio-inspired optimization applications in renewable-powered smart grids: Emerging population-based metaheuristics

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Virtual Power Plant Optimization in Smart Grids: A Narrative Review

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A Lockable ERC20 Token for Peer to Peer Energy Trading

Author(s): Liana Toderean, Claudia Antal, Marcel Antal, Dan Mitrea, Tudor Cioara, Ionut Anghel, Ioan Salomie
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An Overview of Digital Twins Application Domains in Smart Energy Grid

Author(s): Cioara, Tudor; Anghel, Ionut; Antal, Marcel; Salomie, Ioan; Antal, Claudia; Ioan, Arcas Gabriel
Published in: 2022 IEEE 18th International Conference on Intelligent Computer Communication and Processing (ICCP), 2022
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Forecasting the Short-Term Energy Consumption Using Random Forests and Gradient Boosting

Author(s): C. B. Pop, V. R. Chifu, C. Cordea, E. S. Chifu, O. Barsan
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Deep Learning for Forecasting the Energy Consumption in Public Buildings

Author(s): V. R. Chifu, C. B. Pop, E. St. Chifu, H. Barleanu
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Transfer Learning in Transformer-Based Demand Forecasting For Home Energy Management System

Author(s): G. Gokhale, J. Van Gompel, B. Claessens, C. Develder
Published in: 2023
Publisher: BuildSys ’23
DOI: 10.1145/3600100.3626635

Smart Grid Management Using Blockchain: Future Scenarios and Challenges

Author(s): Tudor Cioara; Claudia Pop; Razvan Zanc; Ionut Anghel; Marcel Antal; Ioan Salomie
Published in: 2020 19th RoEduNet Conference: Networking in Education and Research (RoEduNet), Issue 1, 2020, ISBN 978-0-7381-1265-7
Publisher: IEEE
DOI: 10.1109/roedunet51892.2020.9324874

Matching Mechanisms for Buildings Energy Flexibility Orders in P2P Local Markets

Author(s): D. Mitrea, L. Toderean, T. Cioara, V. Chifu, I. Salomie, I. Anghel, M. Bertoncini, V. Croce
Published in: The Fourteenth International Conference on Information, Intelligence, Systems and Applications (IISA 2023), 2023
Publisher: IEEE

Real-world implementation of reinforcement learning based energy coordination for a cluster of households

Author(s): G. Gokhale, N. Tiben, M.-S. Verwee, M. Lahariya, B. Claessens, C. Develder
Published in: 2023
Publisher: Proc. 4th ACM SIGEnergy Workshop on Reinf. Learn. Energy Manag. Build. and Cities (RLEM 2023) at ACM BuildSys 2023
DOI: 10.1145/3600100.3625681

Decentralized Demand Response in Energy Communities Using Blockchain

Author(s): Tudor Cioara, Liana Toderean, Dan Mitrea, Viorica Chifu, Marcel Antal, Ionut Anghel, Vincenzo Croce, Massimo Bertoncini, Francesco Nucci
Published in: 2022 Workshop on Blockchain for Renewables Integration (BLORIN), 2022, Page(s) pp. 7-12
Publisher: IEEE
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Quantitative assessment of barriers to innovation in Smart Grids in Europe

Author(s): M. A. Bucarelli, M. Ghoreishi, F. Santori
Published in: 2023
Publisher: IEEE
DOI: 10.23919/aeit60520.2023.10330315

Electric Vehicles coordination for grid balancing using multi-objective Harris Hawks Optimization

Author(s): Cristina Bianca Pop, Tudor Cioara, Viorica Chifu, Ionut Anghel, Francesco Bellesini
Published in: 2023
Publisher: arxiv

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