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Virtual Power Plant for Interoperable and Smart isLANDS


Report on the IPRs analysis and the patent filing

The report will present athorough IPR clinic of all exploitable results in the project analyse partners IP background and foreground and define the most effective IPR strategy and market exploitation routes

VPP4Islands networking, JV and cooperation activities

Including the main findings lessons learnt and impacts of the collaboration and networking activities

VPP4Islands Smart Contracts Specifications

The deliverable will contain a report on the definition of requirements, specifics and contents of VPP4Islands smart contracts.

VPP risk assessment

The deliverable will provide a risk management plan and activities framework for VPP exposing the risk management approach of the project

AAI Infrastructure API Specification and Prototype

This deliverable will contain the application programming interface API and architecture of the AAI infrastructure especially defining an reactive publishsubscribe service for authorization and filtering as well as APIs for extending the AAI with domain specific Policy Information Points A reference implementation will be delivered for partners to develop and test against

Dissemination and communication plan

D8.1 will include the roadmap of the different activities to be carried out during the project. It will updated at M12

Assessment of GDPR, standards and SSH compliance

D56 includes the impacts of implemented standards policies risk analysis and guidance based on the outcomes of demos It will be updated at M20 with lesson learnt and best practices

Islands energy transition policies and legislation

Islands energy transition policies and legislation

The design and architecture of the digital twin

Digital Twin’s architecture will be an application able to connect the databases (DB) from the original sources with the 3D model. Having this purpose, the platform will be able to display the 3D model along with the databases’s integration (such as real time data, historical data, etc.) The result thus will be a virtual copy of the real site which is able not only to behave in the same way that the built system performs but also to simulate future situations that will allow to optimise the entire system’s efficiency.

Analysis of obstacles to innovations in islands

Analysis of obstacles to innovations in islands

PMP and Quality Assurance

Project Management Plan, Quality assurance plan and risk assessment

VPP4Islands networking, JV and cooperation plan

D8.3 will determine the main collaborations to be established, the role of each partners and the planning actions.

Requirements and needs for island energy services

Requirements and needs for island energy services

VPP4Islands services

The report will present the existing services and their constraints. D2.5 will report the new tailored services provided for utilities, RTOs and consumers

Kick-off report and detailed roadmap

Kick-off report and detailed roadmap

Technical specification of VPP4Islands

The deliverable will contain the technical specification for the setup of the different proposed services in the expected demonstration pilots, taking into account various configurations and scenarios and the proper support to KPI evaluation. Technical specifications will also be outlined for ensuring implemented RES and VPPs interoperability with the power grid, based on the improvement of current standards and protocols.

Report on the VPP4Islands concepts

The report will establish a strong evidence-based data set and formulate possible VPP4Islands concepts hybrid integration options.

Scenarios for studying VPP4Islands concept

The deliverable will formalize several complementary piloting scenarios to demonstrate capabilities and values of the VPP4Islands proposed services and solutions providing input to WP3 WP4 and WP5 for the definition of the supporting functionalities the associated architecture and the design and implementation approaches

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