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all-in-one machine for hybrid technologies enabling high value added multi-scale integrated micro.optoelectronics

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - Mesomorph (all-in-one machine for hybrid technologies enabling high value added multi-scale integrated micro.optoelectronics)

Período documentado: 2020-10-01 hasta 2022-03-31

Microelectromechanical systems, micro sensors, and microdevices in general are playing an ever-increasing role in revolutionizing the world around us; therefore, the capability to master these new technologies and produce such micro systems at high yields and low cost is a priority for European industries, in all sectors, if they want to maintain their current leadership.
For companies, the industrialization of these microfabrication processes is important, which today cannot be achieved by downsizing conventional technologies, limited by the physics of the micro / nano scale. The Mesomorph strategy consists in limiting the number of micromanipulation tasks by integrating, all-in-one-machine, integrating, in a small self-contained white room, three advanced technologies:
- the femtolaser micro ablation;
- the Two-Photon Polymerization (2PP);
- the atomic layer 3D nanoprinting (SADALP).
The machine will implement a new, flexible, and fully automated hybrid process chain, compliant with the submicron accuracy targets of the new generation of micro systems, scalable to achieve throughput targets that compete against the high-volume scale manufacturing of high valued-added optoelectronics.

The main objectives can be summarized in the following points:

- Demonstration of an innovative, competitive and scalable production concept.
- Creation of a new generation of high added value optoelectronics.
- Industrialization of microproduction processes, development of an all-in-one integration-nanoscale processing machine (i.e. atomic layer 3D nanoprinting), micro-scale processing (i.e. femtosecond laser subtraction / deposition and anode bonding), and intelligent micromanipulation system.
- Incorporate knowledge into a life-value design / manufacturing platform to drive the development of newly developed microsystems by harnessing the full potential of new integrated technologies.
Work carried out during the first period can be summarized in the following point:

- Specification of product and process functional and production requirements, and definition of the preliminary project reference framework.
- Definition of the use-case “Integrated beam shaping device”, proposed by the partner PE.
- Design of CAx chain.
- Design of the femto/2PP module.
- Design of the SADALP module.
- Preliminary design of the pick&place module.
- Preliminary design of Mesomorph all-around monitoring system.
- Design of the Manufacturing-to-Lifevalue software Platform.
- Design of the Manufacturing-to-Lifevalue Platform hand out.
Mesomorph is an enabler for a new generation of micro-scale products that will enhance future society.
From a production point of view, Mesomorph is an autonomous device, which completely automates the activities that could be critical for the health and safety of workers (eg micro-emissions, management of micro and nano components), removing the worker from the process. Finally, the project contributes to the digitization of the European economy by promoting productivity by increasing the added value of production, both for products (new functions) and time (less equipment). This is more virtuous than a simple quick automation of manual activities, which would soon lead to unemployment. Furthermore, the diffusion of a distributed business model creates new opportunities for qualified employment without being limited by large investments, in a highly profitable sector, contributing to the structural strengthening of the European economy.
From an economic point of view Mesomorph already has a very positive business case for customers and expects to be able to reduce production costs by at least 30% during exploitation.
Furthermore, the expectation is to start attracting customers with alternative business models (eg MaaS) where the initial investment is lower for the customer.
As regards social impasses, Mesomorph will satisfy the general safety requirements and specific indications contained in the 2006/42/EC standards.
Furthermore, one of the objectives of the communication plan (WP11) is to spread awareness on health and safety issues both for workers and for the use of final products, as well as on disassembly and recycling problems.
In WP2, Mesomorph will develop a complete life cycle (Design/Manufacturing-to-Lifevalue platform) of the proposed process in order to optimize it with respect to environmental impact (for example by defining a micro-disassembly process and pursuing a green label for equipment).
As for the environmental impact, although on the one hand micromanufacturing technologies lead to higher energy costs in early development stages due to current not yet fully developed processing technology, on the other hand Mesomorph, thanks to the integration of different innovative techniques,
exploited from a robust track record of past R&D will demonstrate that fewer energy and resources will be consumed for the end products, compared to the other best available technologies.
In detail, Mesomorph will lead to scrap reduction (improved control), less waste (integration of very accurate deposition and ablation).
MESOMORPH Concept Machine