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VDS Validated Disinfection System: Revolutionary Automated Thermal system for Surface Disinfection of Hospital equipment

Project description

A quick and effective way to disinfect micro-organisms

Some of the worst antibiotic-resistant micro-organisms are more commonly found in hospitals and healthcare clinics than anywhere else. In fact, hospitals (intensive care units included) are an important breeding ground for these germs. Unfortunately, current cleaning and disinfection methods have proven ineffective in killing these micro-organisms and preventing their spread. The EU-funded VDS project will develop an automated precision cleaning system that uses robots and steam to validate cleaning and disinfection quality. Currently in the prototype stage, this novel solution does not require any chemicals and uses less than 12 litres of water. It also cleans and disinfect in just six minutes, whereas current cleaning and disinfection processes require on average 30 litres of water,use a lot of chemicals, take more than 20 minutes and are physically demanding on workers. In addition, the VDS is able to process high-tech beds (IPX-4), while the traditional solutions can only handle wash-resistant beds (IPX-6).

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