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Unaided Sharp and Continuous Vision in All Daily Activities

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New implant to treat cataracts

With age comes… cataracts. Very common in older people, cataracts cause clouding of the eye's lens, affecting vision. Despite innovations in the domain of ophthalmological implants, called intraocular lenses, cataract patients do not regain sharp and continuous vision. New ophthalmic implants patented by France’s Cristalens Industrie could reverse this trend. The EU-funded SYMBIOSE project will validate this new implant to prepare for its commercialisation. Specifically, the project will collect enough data to demonstrate high performance by testing on several hundred patients. The project will also prepare for scaling up production and support the wide distribution of the products.


When getting older, everyone suffers from a loss of visual continuity, either from presbyopia or opacification of the eye’s lens (called cataract). What’s more, cataract surgery likewise leads to presbyopia. Despite continual innovation in the domain of ophthalmological implants called IOLs (intraocular lens), cataract patients do not recuperate sharp and continuous vision.
Today, choosing an IOL is a question of constraints and compromises for both the surgeon and the patient.
These problems can be relegated to the past thanks to the SYMBIOSE IOLs portfolio. SYMBIOSE IOLs are ophthalmic implants integrating a continuous phase optical profile, patented by Cristalens Industrie. SYMBIOSE IOLs allow continuous, quality vision in all daily activities.
In order to validate this product and go to market, Cristalens Industrie faces a twofold challenge:
- clinical, to collect enough data demonstrating the complete system’s high performance and thus convince Key Opinion Leaders worldwide,
- industrial, to deploy the innovation in a product portfolio and ensure the scale-up of production, intellectual property, regulatory and marketing issues.
These challenges define Cristalens Industrie's work program which includes four work packages in addition to management:
1/ Demonstrate the performance of the complete system in 300 patient cases,
2/ Prepare to scale up to ensure manufacturing capacity meets customer demand,
3/ Convince the scientific and medical community,
4/ Remove regulatory barriers and secure IP aspects.
Cristalens Industrie aims to establish itself as the innovative leader for the next generation of IOLs.

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