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Replacing sleep labs: The first clinical grade home-based diagnostic of sleep disorders

Project description

Innovative, wearable solution for sleep disorder diagnosis

Sleep disorder represents an increasing burden for patients and a challenge for medical-grade sleep diagnosis. It is estimated that 80 % of people suffering from a sleep disorder remain undiagnosed, due to the high costs and time required for diagnosis as well as the specialised resources needed for existing clinical solutions. Recently developed simple screening devices provide limited and imprecise information about sleep quality. The EU-funded SOMNIO project proposes a wearable proprietary diagnostic solution: designed for use at home, it consists of comfortable adhesive patches that are non-intrusive and as simple to use as applying a bandage. Thanks to its innovative wireless sensors and machine learning algorithms, the solution is valuable for remote respiratory monitoring, and will help to relieve the already overcharged healthcare system.


Onera is the next generation of medical grade sleep diagnostics and telehealth. Alarmingly, 80% of people who suffer from a sleep disorder remain undiagnosed due to the high costs, time and specialised resources required by current clinical solutions. In recent years, innovations have focused on developing simple screening devices such as smart watches or mattress sensors that provide limited and inaccurate information about sleep quality. Onera is set to change this, by redefining the ‘gold standard’ with our proprietary diagnostic solution. Onera’s clinical-grade wearable consists of adhesive patches as simple and non-intrusive as applying a band-aid, with maximum wearing comfort. The technology is valuable for remote respiratory monitoring to reduce burden on the healthcare system following the COVID-19 pandemic. Commercialising such innovative wireless sensors and machine learning algorithms is made possible by Onera’s team leveraging >10 years of experience at IMEC, a world-leading research institute in nanoelectronics and digital technologies. Our solution is designed for use at home. Our vision is to transform sleep medicine by redefining sleep diagnostics as a service. Capitalising on the major market hype for sleep trackers and push from healthcare payors to move to home diagnoses, Onera is disrupting the field with a new service model that replaces overnight in-lab studies and allows for user-friendly, cost-effective, and scalable sleep diagnostics globally. Onera has raised >€10Mn to rapidly advance the R&D of its breakthrough technologies. Onera has an extensive collaborating network of global sleep KOLs, CROs, manufacturing, sales and distribution partners, to de-risk market access and commercialisation. Onera’s founders have successfully brought wearables, electronics and medical products to the market.

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