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Hybrid Battery energy stoRage system for advanced grid and beHInd-de-meter Segments


HYBRIS project website

The first version of the project website will be launched in M3. The initial version of the website will be focused on explaining the project objectives and creating awareness. It will be updated throughout the project with news, information about project advances and publications (including public deliverables) produced by the project. Deliverable linked with Task 7.2, Subtask 7.2.1.

Levelized Cost of Storage (LCOS) analysis

This deliverable is directly linked to task 1.5. and more precisely to subtask 1.5.5. A general comparative analysis with different current hybrid energy storage technologies will be performed in order to provide a preliminary overview of the project feasibility and show a major efficiency of HYBRIS prototype. This deliverable corresponds with Task 1.5

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