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Prevention and Screening Innovation Project Towards Elimination of Cervical Cancer

Project description

Innovative cervical cancer screening

Cervical cancer is a cause of cancer mortality in women. More than a quarter of patients come from developing countries. Screening is instrumental in reducing cervical cancer incidence and mortality. The EU-funded PRESCRIP-TEC project proposes an innovative cervical cancer screening that includes direct treatment and follow-up for women in middle-income countries and vulnerable groups in eastern Europe. The project will perform implementation research in different areas of Bangladesh, India, Slovakia and Uganda, analysing patient and health services related facilitators and obstacles for the uptake of cervical cancer screening. PRESCRIP-TEC will introduce interactive information with communities via mobile devices and social media, friendly community-based strategies, self-testing for high-risk HPV infection, and artificial intelligence in the gynaecological examination.


The proposed Prevention and Screening Innovation Project towards Elimination of Cervical Cancer (PRESCRIP-TEC) will lead to effective and innovative cervical cancer screening, including direct treatment and follow-up for women in resource-poor or hard-to-reach settings in the world, by improving availability, accessibility, acceptability and quality of services. PRESCRIP-TEC will conduct implementation research into cervical cancer screening and secondary prevention in different settings in four countries over three continents: Bangladesh and India in Asia, Uganda in Africa, and Slovakia in Eastern Europe. We will analyse patient- and health services-related facilitators and barriers for uptake of cervical cancer screening in low- and middle-income countries and in vulnerable groups in Eastern Europe. By taking existing screening protocols in the four countries, we will introduce 1) interactive information with communities via mobile devices and social media; 2) client-friendly, community-based strategies, with self-test for high risk HPV infection; and 3) artificial intelligence in gynaecological examination. The use of artificial intelligence built into mobile devices offers a future for high quality diagnostics in resource-poor settings. By doing so, we will reduce the number of physical examinations and implement screenings by lower-level trained cadres. In addition, through a cost-effectiveness analysis and a business case for the global introduction of hrHPV testing as routine screening for cervical cancer, we will show the advantage of point-of-delivery testing and the benefits of self-testing for cancer in the post-COVID era, which reduces pressure on the health system. PRESCRIP-TEC will strengthen evidence of innovative strategies for cervical cancer screening as advocated by the World Health Organization and will contribute to eradication of cervical cancer worldwide through prevention and early diagnosis, alleviating the global burden of cancer.

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