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DISC care™ , the Hernia Blocking System to prevent Lumbar Disc Re-Herniation


Lumbar disc herniation occurs when the intervertebral disc breaks and its nucleus bursts out pressing the nerves. It causes extreme back and leg pain, numbness and disability. To relieve the pain, a surgical intervention (discectomy) is the standard of care, consisting of removing the herniated material. Disc herniation is the most frequent cause of spine surgery for working-age patients and in 2019 more than 1M lumbar discectomies were performed WW. Although discectomy may work in some cases, a high portion of patients have a high risk of re-herniation through the same disc defect, requiring a costly and complex re-operation. To avoid re-herniation, some surgeons remove a larger amount of nucleus, making it unlikely to re-herniate, but compromising the disc functionality and causing chronic back pain. NEOS Surgery has developed the DISC care™ Hernia Blocking System, an implantable strong barrier that prevents re-herniation while allowing surgeons to remove the minimum disc tissue. DISC care™ will solve an unmet clinical need while reducing healthcare costs. The internationally patented DISC care™, has completed several years of development and pre-clinical testing with excellent results. The product is now ready to overcome the final barriers for its market launch in 2023: clinical trial, complete product range and CE-marking under the new EU MDR. The DISC care™ will enter a “Blue Ocean” market segment, being the first Hernia Blocking device from a European company and the second worldwide. The DISC care™ will radically impact NEOS turnover, with an exponential growth 2027. Moreover, it will accelerate NEOS growth, creating a very profitable financial structure for future expansion. NEOS multidisciplinary team will be key for the DISC care™ success: we have the experience to transform an idea into a global commercial medical device, thanks to our current line of cranial closure devices.

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