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Working Group on Model Based Predictive Control


To maintain the competitive edge of European industry it is essential that manufacturing should maximise its quality and productivity. For most processes this means that Advanced Control should be used which integrates quality assurance and economic efficiency. Model Based Predictive Control - MBPC - has been shown in many real systems to provide such integration and can often give a pay-back time on capital expenditure of less than a year. A sustained campaign to spread the benefits of MBPC will be of great significance to our industries.
The objective of this working group is therefore to help industrial companies to have a better grasp of their processes (performance and safety).
Many vendors and end-users are not yet familiar with Advanced Control in the continuous field. They have needs but do not know precisely whether MBPC can be applied to their own processes with reasonable chances of success and a significant expected benefit. They look for information, training and a network of experts or advisors.
Many academic institutions are still improving MBPC control methodologies and working on new approaches. They have potential capabilities but need to be re-focused or centred on actual topics coming from real problems. Research topics of a certain level of genericity with a true scientific significance are to be considered, excluding too specific limited actions relevant to classical engineering activities.
Thus, the impact of CIDIC on industry will result out of these two convergent needs.
This Group's activities aim at making potential users aware of the available technology and its advantages and implications of its use and in turn to enable the feed-back of the industrial experience and unsatisfied needs into research. This will be achieved through seminars and technical training courses.


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