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The Intellectual Context of Greek Cosmology


The project aims at examining the role of cosmological speculation in different spheres of ancient Greek intellectual life. The project consists of four independent but related research topics, which should ultimately form the chapters of a book.

- Cosmological knowledge and eudaimonia: the role of physics and cosmology in normative ethics;
- The epistemological role of three-dimensional reduced size astronomical models in theory building and the differentiation between philosophical cosmology and mathematical astronomy;
- Cosmological doctrines and medical texts: the microcosmos-macrocosmos analogy in medical physiology and cosmic physics.
- The structure of the cosmos and cosmic processes in eschatological texts: where does the soul come from before it s incarnate existence and where does it go after its separation from the body?

The ultimate objective of the project is to show both the great diversity and the fundamental unity of Greek culture by examining different manifestations of a ubiquitous theme: theories about the place of human beings in the cosmos and our cognitive capacities to penetrate into the order of the cosmos and discover our place in it. The mobility period at the Wissenschaftskolleg will help the applicant to develop a high-level research career in Europe.

The supervision by one of the most prominent scholars in his field and the cooperation with an international group of outstanding researchers from various disciplines will broaden his intellectual perspectives and enrich the innovative methodical approach of his basic research project. He will benefit from a network of institutions, supporting him also after his Fellowship.

The EIF will also increase the host and 'attractiveness to young researchers, especially in SEE and in the Humanities. Enhancing and 'brain circulation'; between Europe and the region is an appropriate answer not only to the 'brain drain'; but also to the need of integrating the Candidate Countries into the ERA.

Call for proposal

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