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Content archived on 2024-04-19

European Integrated PACS in the Hospital

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EURIPACS set out to create and implement the architecture for the next-generation of picture archiving and communication systems (PACS). Although digital records and computer networks are now widely adopted in most fields of economic activity enabling access to a record by several people at the same time, the same has not happened to any great extent with medical images, partly because of the predominance of X-ray film and partly because of the very high volume of data that characterise images. However, diagnostic imaging has moved into the area of digitisation, and the possibility of transmitting, storing and managing all medical images on a digital basis is now taking hold. Storage capacity and transmission speeds and the technologies for indexing and retrieving distributed image data have now made full PACS technically feasible. The developed prototype PACS: is medically driven, to suit the needs of different clusters of users; interacts with the user in a flexible, variable and adaptive manner; accommodates multiple vendors, using recognised standards and allows for emerging technologies; is modular with a number of specialised replaceable component systems, logically integrated and distributed; achieves acceptable operation times, using high speed and high capacity technologies; utilises intelligence also to access and preload related and comparable images; is integrated with other hospital information systems and can be linked to external points of care.

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