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Multimedia portable digital assistant

Exploitable results

MultiPort is developing a universal mobile telecommunication system (UMTS) capable multimedia portable digital assistant (PDA) for its immediate application in the healthcare environment. UMTS trials will be carried out in co-operation with other projects. Intermediate stages will incorporate wireless local area network (LAN) and GSM trials. The project is building upon existing expertise within the consortium in mobile communications; heterogeneous distributed databases; PDA design, firmware, and manufacture; and multimedia systems. The partners are developing a user-transparent multidatabase interface, demonstrating this in the area of patient records and connection between sanitary levels (primary healthcare centres and hospitals) to support for diagnosis and consultation. The PDA will be, additionally, provided with a user friendly interface for its easy assimilation by the medical community. Communication must be adaptable to cope with varying circumstances. So far MultiPort has produced a complete set of specifications of the different system components: user interface, communications software, user-transparent multidatabase access software, and hardware platform. The first prototypes of the different components have been integrated into the first prototype of the MultiPort system which is being trialed in Hospital General of Manresa. Following the specifications produced during the first year the consortium will design progressive prototypes of the different parts of the system with increasing functionality which will be integrated and tested in continuous trials throughout the project lifetime.