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Scaleable Interactive Continuous Media Server, Design and Application


The overall SICMA project is partitioned into two sub-projects, namely:
Both projects are similar in structure and have a common main objective, the development of scaleable interactive multimedia servers. Based on the same scaleable hardware and system platform using mainstream high-end PC technology and advanced communication means, SICMA-WEST develops a VR-, multimedia- and VoD-server based on the DAVIC standard, demonstrated in a virtual museum application. SICMA-EAST provides a still picture library using Internet technology and the JTIP compression method for high quality presentation.
A scaleable European server for Internet, multimedia and VoD.
A base for the development of a generic framework for virtual museum applications.
Visibility by demonstrating advanced technology to the public (VR in museum, multimedia on interactive CATV)
Expected Impact
The chance for European Industry to enter the server market.

Main contributions to the programme objectives:
Main deliverables
A scaleable interactive server system for the delivery of images, data and continuous multimedia information. Implementationof DAVIC 1.0 standard and also the Internet standards RTSP, HTTP and HTML. Demonstration within a number of different network environments, namely ATM, ADSL and Internet.
Contribution to the programme
Demonstration of scalable multimedia server

Technical Approach
The main objective is to develop a scaleable server for VoD, multimedia and the Internet.
For SICMA-West, the server will implement the DAVIC 1.0 standard, thus the server elements (Service Gateway, Stream etc..) external interfaces (based on DSM-CC), information flows (e.g MPEG-2 TS over ATM) and the protocol stack (IDL, UNO etc..) as specified in the DAVIC 1.0 standard, are supported. The MHEG standard is used for the presentation of the application.
For SICMA-EAST, The server system will take up the standards of the WWW service on the Internet. Thus the HTTP protocol will be used for the communication between the user clients and the server. The information will be presented using HTML.
Summary of Trial
Within SICMA-WEST two trial phases are performed. The objective of the first trial is to demonstrate the server in an ATM network. The aim is to demonstrate the servers ability to supply multimedia to a high-end Virtual Reality application and also to use Pan-European ATM networks to connect two servers giving users access to all information stored on both servers this way.
The objective of the second trial is to prove the scalability of the server by integrating it into a CATV network. This trial involves private users accessing the system from home.
For SICMA-EAST two trial phases will be performed. Both will use 64 kbps X.21 communication as these are the only reliable communication lines within East and between East and West Europe at the moment. A first inner-Russian trial will aim at testing the basic functionality of the server system as well as for the user clients and interface software. In a second trial phase the digital library will be made available to Western Europe connecting the server to the available RAMA network of museums.
Key Issues
To demonstrate the servers within a number of different network environments, namely ATM, CATV and TCP/IP via X.21. These technologies are used for connecting user clients to the server as well as connecting two servers using one as a mirror server.
To give Western European museums access to a large amount of digitised pictures available in Russia.


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Participants (17)

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