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DAVIC Accompanying Measures


The main objectives of the DAM project include actions :
to accompany the work done in the DAVIC Forum to prepare for the commercial introduction of DAVIC services (through the development of a DAVIC Compliant demonstrator and contributions to DAVIC)
to increase the European awareness about DAVIC specifications (through the organisation of workshops)
to actively participate from the beginning in the next phases of DAVIC addressing other audio-visual services.
A Web server has been set up.
One European profile for DAVIC services has been defined
Conformance handbook/guidelines has been produced
The development of DAVIC compliant terminal and server has started
A DAVIC 1.0 and 1.1 demonstrator which could be used as a reference configuration for DAVIC services at the European level.
European companies involved in the deployment of DAVIC services should be well informed about the DAVIC specifications.
A number of contributions should have been incorporated in the DAVIC specifications mainly in the area of conformance and interoperability testing.
Expected Impact
Quicker and simpler introduction of Commercial DAVIC services in Europe.
Less interoperability problems between products from different manufacturers.
Better awareness of the business potential associated to DAVIC activities among European companies.
Relationship to other projects and actions
Information and communication on DAVIC activities for European companies.
Stimulation and coordination of contribution/participation in DAVIC activities from other ACTS Projects (SOMMIT, AMUSE, IMMP, TELESHOPPE, etc.).
Interworking with other DAVIC compliant developments made by other projects will be considered.
Participation and contributions to the work carried out in ACTS Concertation Meetings for Domain 1 Subdomain 3 (Server-based Multimedia Services).
Participation and contributions to the SII Chain (Interactive Multimedia Services) and SIA Chain (Service Architecture).
Technical Approach
1. Organisation of European Communication on DAVIC activities (WWW server, workshops) and coordination of ACTS projects for contribution to DAVIC.
2. Specifications of European profiles for DAVIC Core Services
3. Production of a conformance handbook/guideline for DAVIC terminals and servers
4. Specifications and development of a European profile DAVIC Demonstrator running over four countries which could be used as reference configuration later on (including the development of two servers, a session control entity and one terminal).
5. Specifications and development of representative DAVIC applications (MOD, Teleshopping, Edutainment/games)
6. Specifications and development of a DAVIC 1.1 Service Provider System
7. Porting and integration of a DAVIC 1.1 compliant script engine with tools and script objects.
8. Development of a DAVIC Server acting as a gateway to Internet Web and Vemmi/Kit services.
9. Contributions to the DAVIC Forum on conformance and interoperability aspects.
Summary of Trial
A DAVIC compliant demonstrator with 3 three representative DAVIC applications (Movies on Demand, Home Shopping, Edutainment) will be developed and operated over four countries with three servers and up to eight terminals.
Key Issues
Identification and consideration of European situations in terms of regulation and infrastructure for the deployment of DAVIC Services.
Identification of the main DAVIC conformance aspects for terminals and servers.
Demonstration of the suitability of the DAVIC Specifications for the intended applications.
Real cooperation and coordination of European companies in DAVIC has to be achieved.

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