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DAVIC Accompanying Measures

Exploitable results

The project concerns preparation for the commercial introduction of DAVIC services (through the development of a DAVIC compliant demonstrator and contributions to DAVIC) and increasing the European awareness about DAVIC specifications (through the organization of workshops). A DAVIC compliant demonstrator with 3 three representative DAVIC applications (Movies on Demand, Home Shopping, Education /entertainment) is being developed and operated over four countries with three servers and up to eight terminals. Achievements so far comprise: setting up of a web server; definition of one European profile for DAVIC services; production of a conformance handbook/guidelines; initial development of DAVIC compliant terminal and server; a DAVIC 1.0 and 1.1 demonstrator which could be used as a reference configuration for DAVIC services at the European level. European companies involved in the deployment of DAVIC services should be well informed about the DAVIC specifications. A number of contributions have been incorporated in the DAVIC specifications mainly in the area of conformance and interoperability testing.