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Techno-economic Evaluation and Sectorial User Requirements Analysis


TEESURA has two main objectives:
to provide the trial based ACTS projects with TEE (Techno-Economic Evaluation) expertise from the end-user's point of view
to provide the ACTS programme with the analyses of end-user oriented costs-benefits-risks related to the introduction of AC (Advanced Communications) solutions
Actual Achievements
TEESURA Web server at the address:
Accessible via the Web server: Techno-Economic Evaluation toolbox, Cost-Benefit-Risk Analysis method and URSO (User Requirements and Solutions Options) Database demonstrator
Requirements Assessment Methodology (RAM)
ACTS trial based projects classified by economic sectors
Reports on user requirements collected from ACTS projects
Two workshops with projects EIES(AC075) and PRINT-IT(P241)
Participation in ACTS Concertation action: presentation of TEESURA to the ACTS community during Chains and Domains meetings and contribution to GAD Chain Guidelines
Expected Achievements

Techno-Economic Evaluation expertise transferred to the ACTS trial based projects during TEESURA workshops with the Chains and Domains
User requirements of trial based ACTS projects collected, analysed and entered in the URSO Database
Cost-Benefit-Risk analyses for the end-user requirements profiles defined for each selected economic sector
End-User Strategies for the introduction of AC solutions
Strategical Recommendations for ACTS Guidelines
Expected Impact
The main expected impacts are the reinforcement of the Techno-Economic Evaluation process set up by the trial based ACTS projects and the guidelines for the introduction of Advanced Communications from the end-user point of view.
Technical Approach
TEESURA has described a TEE Methodology adapted to the needs of ACTS trial based projects. This methodology is applied using one or several tools from the TEE toolbox set up by TEESURA. The choice of a tool depends on the level of the analysis: strategical or operational, carried-out by the trial project.
The TEE expertise will be transferred by TEESURA to ACTS trial based projects during workshops organised within Chains and Domains. The transfer of knowledge will be performed in the most comprehensive way. The tools and methods proposed by TEESURA are also accessible to the ACTS community via the project's Web server. In this way TEESURA will support vertical projects in their TEE process.
The second facet of TEESURA work is to carry out cost-benefit-risk analyses related to the introduction of Advanced Communications. The sources for these studies are gathered mainly from the trial based projects. The information on user requirements and the AC solutions is captured from projects deliverables and reports as well as during in-depth interviews. The collected data is analysed following the RAM (Requirements Assessment Methodology), elaborated by TEESURA and then stored in the URSO (User Requirements and Solutions Options) Database. The data is entered using an electronic questionnaire and can be consulted via WWW thanks to URSO Browser.
The information collected from vertical projects and analysed by TEESURA will be completed by the input from other horizontal projects : FAIR, USINACTS and OPTIMUM. By comparing all collected user requirements TEESURA will model several end-user requirements profiles, probably one per economic sector, and will define for them the corresponding AC solutions. Then, taking advantage of its techno-economic evaluation expertise, TEESURA will determine the cost-benefit-risk of the AC solutions for the defined profiles.
On the basis of all collected data, and after analysing it, TEESURA will contribute to the ACTS programme by defining End-User strategies for the introduction of AC solutions and by proposing strategical recommendations for ACTS Guidelines.
Summary of Trial
The work of this project is such that no practical experimentation is foreseen.
Key Issues
To collect all types of ACTS user requirements per economic sector
To present a global vision of ACTS user requirements
To evaluate how ACTS solutions fulfil these requirements
To find out new user requirements (not covered by current ACTS solutions)
To model and interpret end-user profiles per economic sector
To transfer the TEE expertise to ACTS projects in the most comprehensive way
To collaborate with other horizontal projects
To collaborate with Chains and Domains

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