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Resultado final

The Watermarking technology enables embedding of information into a digital content. The Octalis project has been the opportunity for an industrial as Thompson to work with research laboratories all over Europe. The research institutes cooperation led to a significant improvement of the algorithms. The market analysis driven by Thompson led to a product specification. It enables 64-bits real time embedding and re-reading within MPEG-2 video signals up to 270Mb/s.

Exploitable results

The representation and offering of digital data causes serious security problems that cannot be solved by a monolithic security system. Several mechanisms have to be integrated within a hierarchical security concept. Access control and copyright protection of multimedia data must be provided by the system. A wide range of different conditional access systems has been introduced by pay TV services providers and low bit rate services on the Internet. In addition to copyright protection mechanisms to protect the owner of the data, users demand reliable information about the digital data. Meeting such security requirements means mastering both tasks simultaneously in an integrated system. Related European projects (e.g. TALISMAN and OKAPI) are developing tools and proposing standards which enable the set-up of a net based brokering architecture. OCTALIS brings together these results and tries to place a brokering system on the market. OCTALIS, in contrast to previous technologies, combines security concepts (access control and copyright protection) in a comprehensive security system for a secure still image and video trading. Therefore, OCTALIS has integrated a global approach to equitable conditional access and efficient copyright protection, and demonstrated the validity and usefulness of the system in large scale pilot trials. The OCTALIS scenario will support copyright owners who are interested in new ways of distributing their work. Users such as people working in advertising will be given a powerful tool to decrease the time they need for finding the contents they want to integrate into their own work. They will no longer depend on browsing paper catalogues or stacks of CDs. Service producers and service providers will also benefit from an integrated secure brokering system. Copyright owners can be confident that their rights will be protected and will provide the Internet services with the material they need, a key point for making the market for digital content distribution in networks a successful experiment.