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ELPRO will demonstrate how regional telematics-based networks can enhance business procurement activity. The project will support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and other suppliers. In addition it will add and public and private sector authorities (including the European Commission) which initiate procurement. Developed in close conjuction with TAPPE (project AD 1015), ELPRO will enable these parties to benefit from a single integrated service based on currently existing networks. It will also explore the technologies to be used by SMEs following consultation with information brokers and other service providers.

ELPRO addresses the needs of three overlapping user groups

- Administrations (including both the European Commission and Member states)

- Procuring entities (in the public, utilities, and private sectors)

- suppliers and potential suppliers (in particular small and medium sized enterprises [SME] and publishers)

ELPRO as a European electronic public procurement system will build and demonstrate on a number of sites (including a "virtual procurement region") regional procurement information partnership and business information networks targeted at SMEs using the complete range of free and paid-for Telematics services, from fax-on-demand services, electronic data interchange (EDI/EDIFACT), and Internet services to illustrate the means of establishing SME support networks on any Telematics environment in Europe. ELPRO will provide a unique integrated service which will enable procuring entities to generate optimal Telematics support services for local SMEs at the same time as capturing the efficiency benefits of electronic procurement for themselves.

ELPRO will make full use of the current technology as a basis for further development and validation, basing the Telematics services on current networks already in use. It will incorporate existing tender databases. The main likely developments will concentrate on the integration of future Telematics technologies, such as value added services, multi media mail and document exchange, etc. Those technologies will be used by SMEs after getting in touch with information brokers and service providers. They take the marketing of supporting services, so assistance for SMEs is granted. ELPRO will be verified according to predefined test scenarios. ELPRO will be demonstrated in several European regions, some of them already monitored by the Commission as Telematics application sites. These regions include the "Four Motors of Europe" and many others.

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