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ELPRO, as a European electronic public procurement system, builds and demonstrates on a number of sites (including a "virtual procurement region") regional procurement information partnership and business information networks targeted at SMEs using the complete range of free and paid-for Telematics services, from fax-on-demand services, electronic data interchange (EDI/EDIFACT), and Internet services to illustrate the means of establishing SME support networks on any Telematics environment in Europe. ELPRO will provide a unique integrated service which will enable procuring entities to generate optimal Telematics support services for local SMEs at the same time as capturing the efficiency benefits of electronic procurement for themselves. Today, approximately 150,000 awarding organisations and authorities are dealing with the task of public procurement. Currently, there are about 150 calls for tenders per day, experts from the European Commission are expecting that within the next two years more than 1000 invitations to bid per day will have to be processed. In the same way, the amount of tenders will dramatically increase. Supplypoint is a web-based client-server database system. It links in to ELPRO and TRADEPOINT, and is hosted on the web server at Sunderland University initially. The languages used in the system construction are scripting or other 4GL languages, possibly Java and/or Cold Fusion. The data is stored in an Oracle database. Project URL :