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GeoServe aims to set up a European network for administrative authorities and data providers, such as geographical institutes, to access geographic data sources as and when required. Pilot sites will be developed, validated and tested by a consortium of industrial partners, service organisations, and geo-data provider and user administrations. GeoServe will be available to a market of around 400 data providers within five years. Potential users consist of over 60,000 local government authorities, energy suppliers, geo-marketing firms and private individuals obtaining data via networked personal computers or public information kiosks.

The project GeoServe aims to develop a network of Geo-data Access Services for European Administrations and Data Providers. The Services shall support the identification, selection, and timely access to geo-data for data users on a European scale. For the provider of geographic data the system will enable the marketing of geo-data internationally to a large user group.

The objectives of the project GeoServe are:

- harmonize the requirements of European data providers and data users.

- develop a concept for a European geo-data access services network

- guarantee that the user needs and user participation drive the project

- build demonstrators for the network service nodes and for the following clients: data provider client, geo-data user client and info-desk client.

- assure openness and flexibility of the system by interfacing with various Geographic Information Systems, geo-data formats, geo-viewers and application areas.

The project is driven by user demands. A consortium of leading IT industrial partners, service organisations, geo-data provider administrations and data user administrations shall develop the concepts and services and validate and test them with pilot applications. Pilot sites will demonstrate regional and international exchange of geodata. The GeoServe system will provide Geo-Data service nodes, Geo-clients, and added value functions on Wide Area Networks. The demonstrators in Finland, Greece, Germany, and Italy will link various international and regional data providers and users. They will support different geo-clients for data users in administrations based on PC / Windows and citizen info kiosks.

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