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Generic Approach for ATM Systems


The objectives of the GAAS study is to define an open ATM system architecture based on a generic kernel. Thanks to the Client-Server model, the main advantage of such a study will be to federate the other ATM projects providing them interface standards. This Research and Development project focus on the application of the most promising state of the art technologies issued from research laboratories and universities to the Air Traffic Management system which is known to be highly complex.

It is based on the three following phases:

PHASE I: Definition of the system architecture based on a requirement analysis and an assessment of available candidate technologies.
PHASE II: Prototyping of the system, architecture of which is defined in phase I, in order to demonstrate the technical feasibility and to assess the technical and methodological choices, while refining the latter.
PHASE III: Validation of the system using the prototype developed in phase II, based on the validation of the technological and methodological orientations and the demonstration of the advantages of the proposed system.


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