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The project aims are: firstly, to elucidate the sequence of events involved in the sourcing and deposition in teleost fish eggs of essential macro- and micro-nutrients including the polyunsaturated fatty acids DHA and EPA, the carotenoid astaxanthin and various yolk proteins and maternal RNAs; and secondly, to investigate their roles and that of genetic factors in the determination of egg quality in teleost fish.
This collaboration, involving 5 research laboratories in Spain, Italy and Scotland and England in the UK, aims to identify the more influential determinants of egg quality in a range of teleost species including the sea bass, sea bream, rainbow trout, halibut and turbot. It will involve the detailed description by the consituent laboratories of the sequence of events involved in the uptake and laying down of yolk and other materials during normal development of these fish. Attention will be focused on the essential fatty acids DHA and EPA in both the structural phospholipids and the energy reserve triarylglycerols, the 3 mesoisomers of astaxanthin and a series of maternal RNAs and cytoskeletal proteins, all of which have been highlighted as being amongst the more important determinants of egg quality in fish. Parallel trials will examine the effects of reductions in the diets of broodstock of DHA, EPA and the astaxanthin isomers and the possible influences of genetic factors on egg quality. Egg quality will be assessed by measurements of the rates of fertilisation and of survivals during egg incubation and at hatching.

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