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Exploitable results

In the last years, electrochromic rear-view mirrors (ECREAM) have been introduced by Japanese and United States producers. European industry wishes to develop an European ECREAM, preferably with improved properties over existing products, with respect to reflected light in the day/night cycles and the resistance towards ultraviolet (UV) light for outside mirrors. A systematic investigation of materials combinations, sputtering, chemical vapour deposition (CVD) and lamination technology was performed in order to fulfil these market requirements. It was decided to carry on a concept of device based on the use of a lithium ion conductor. From there, materials technologies and electronics were developed in separate tasks. This was combined into the assembly and testing of laboratory scale models. The work lead to the production of a number of samples of the different layers, both deposited by physical vapour deposition (PVD) and CVD. A dedicated CVD machine was built for the programme. The requested performances have been approached by the latest 5x5 cm{2} produced devices. The scaling-up of the most promising models to full mirror sizes was also attempted on flat substrates. The research lead also to the identification of a new class of materials suitable for application as counter-electrode in the devices, which led to the production of cells which can switch from an almost completely transparent state to a completely coloured one.