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More reliable and realistic design methods are needed for fibre reinforced structures carying fatigueand/or shock loads. It is the objective of this proposal to produce validated user-friendly software design tools. Their development will be based on recent advances in both micromechanics and damage mechanics, and will be supported by experiment. A data base containing material descriptions for the composites tested will be constructed with these tools and interfaced with various dynamic structural analysis codes. The software and the material models will be validated by simulating both simple experiments as well as full-scale tests. The objectives of this project are :

- to develop design tools capable of predicting both the gradual development and the fast growth of damage (e.g. from fatigue, shocks), or a combination of both, during the lifetime of a structure or structural component composed of advanced composite materials;

- to demonstrate thedesign tools by comparing numerical results with experimental tests designed to provide a fundamental understanding of the behaviour of composite materials when subjected to different loading conditions;

- to perform full-scale experimental studies on components of industrial importance, with the objective of ffurther proving the material models and design tools for industrial applications;

- to consolidate experimental and computational data by constructing a data base of constants associated with each damage model implemented into the design tools. This database will facilitate the rapid determination of degraded material properties;

- to interface this database with various structural dynamic codes used by the industrial partners;

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