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Numerical simulation of the strength of composite materials in the product development process is important for lead-time and economy. The inability of existing structural dynamic analysis codes to accurately predict the development of damage in composite materials and the associated strength reduction is mainly due to the lack of adequate material models. The uncertainties in the design are an obstacle to a more widespread, a cheaper and a safer use of these materials. The objective of the project is to construct an engineering design tool based on improved material models. These models are formulated using damage mechanics theories combining a micro and macro scale of composites. This permit simulation both of the gradual development of damage as well as fast damage growth under arbitrary fatigue and impact loadings, including an the intermediate situations. The support of micromechanics theories foster the development of rules for damage growth. To assure wide applicability, the numerical tools are general purpose to the extent that the user is free to specify arbitrary structural geometries, impact configurations and alternative constitutive descriptions for various composite materials. The main achievements obtained in this project are: - Procedures for carrying out experiments designed to yield specific data required for developing material models simulating the development of damage in composites; - Development of new tests facilities; - Procedures for constructing mathematical models based on this data; - A software tool for the micromechanical analysis of damage development; - A software tool for the simulation of the development of damage in structures made of fibre reinforced plastics; - A data base containing the relevant damage parameters and related property for a number of composite materials; - An interface of the data base with selected dynamic structural analysis codes.

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