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The use of natural materials for the decoration of buildings is increasing around the world. This is based on the excellent properties of the stones: i.e. resistivity against environmental influences, hardness and decorative qualities. Hard granite is being used more and more. The processing (cutting by grinding) is done with cutting depths of around 10 mm. This leads to a limited material removal rate and high noise level during the process. Higher cutting depths cannot be achieved because of thermal and mechanical overload of the diamond cutting tool.

The investigations conducted in Japan and mainly Europe, so far tried to increase cutting depth, however had insufficient results and found no practical application. The main objective of the project is to develop a system for the deep sawing of hard granite, with cutting depths of up to 300 mm. This will be realised by the completion of the following RTD tasks: analysis of stone material properties and of machine, tool and workpiece vibrational behaviour in the process, selection of segment components and prototype model tool manufacture, development of a conditioning system for segmented diamond tools and of a system for improved coolant supply to the tool-stone interface, tool lay-out and list requirements on a new production machine.

Productivity gains of at least 100% are forecast, together with a 7 to 8 dB noise reduction during the cut and a significant waste reduction. Although the diamond tool for the deep sawing of granite will be completed by the end of the project, it can only be used efficiently in combination with a new production machine. Elements of this new machine concept will be developed and tested in the present project, but the design and manufacture of a complete new machine will require further years. Subsequent exploitation envisaged, includes the application of the results on the processing of materials like concrete and reinforced concrete. Technology transfer to other branches like the road building, building construction and domestic working sectors is intended.

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