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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Silicon carbide films on insulator - development of the material system and demonstration of devices


Epichem have been successful in identifying the optimum precursors for MOVPE of SiC layers and establish production methods capable of yielding ultra high purity batches of these materials. Furthermore analytical sensitivities for key impurities have been improved. Supply of source material to growth teams has been maintained throughout the project.
Data on the resistivity and piezoresisitive effect of high quality SiCOIN films has been successfully collected. Extensive characterization of SiCOIN films by HALL measurements was done. Two sensor concepts were developed: a high-pressure sensor (up to P = 2000 bar) for oil well logging applications and a low-pressure sensor (up to P = 12 bar) for turbine control or avionics applications. Both concepts were optimised by FE analyses. Sensors of both types were successfully fabricated and special 3C-SiC deposition techniques (selective deposition, deposition on structured substrates) were developed.
In the proposed project a material system consisting of a
single crystalline B SiC layer deposited by CVD on an SOI
(Silicon On Insulator) substrate will be developed for
the fabrication of various high temperature sensor
devices. For the deposition and doping of the SiC layers
special low temperature (T<1000 C) precursors will be
developed, to obtain the lowest possible deposition
temperatures. The advantage of the SiC on SOI system is
that the SiC layer is electrically insulated from the Si
substrate by a thin oxide layer since the thin Si
overlayer of the SOI substrates converts during a
carbonization step into single crystalline SiC. However,
the bulk micromachining capabilities of the Si substrate,
necessary for the fabrication of sensor devices, will
remain unchanged.
To determine the quality of the layers and to optimize
the process extensive analysis (e.g. XRD, TEM, AFM, and
optical and electrical characterization) will be
performed. To demonstrate the applicability of this
material system (SiC On INsulatoroSiCOIN) for sensors, a
number of sensors such as pressure, vibration and
position sensors will be developed that will be tested by
the industrial partners under real industrial conditions
such as in automotive or oil well logging applications.
The processes necessary for the technological realization
of the sensors (CVD of in situ doped, B SiC layers on
pure Si substrates, oxidation, dry etching, ion
implantation and metallization) have been developed
within the former BRITE/EURAM basic research programme
TECSICA (Technology and Characterisation of Silicon
Carbide films for high temperature Applications).

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