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Development of mechanically alloyed powders and laser processing machine for the fabrication of high performance production metal tools


This project's aim is the realisation of an integrated
production system (material/machine/software) for the
fabrication of hard metal parts. The main application
area of this development is the fabrication of inserts
and complete cavities for the mould making sector
(plastic injection moulding and non ferrous metal
pressure die casting).

This system will consist of:
A Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) machine
Different compositions of hard metal
sinterable powders
A CAD software for the mould geometry

Performance of this system will allow the realisation, in
a one step SLS procedure, without post sintering
operation and with minimal finishing operations, of
cavities and inserts directly usable for prpduction
moulding tools.

Achieving this capability implies major advances in
mechanical performances and dimensional control in
comparison to state of the art technology.

Therefore, the research activity considered is built
around the following major developments :
To develop three different grades of potentially very
high mechanical properties nanophase metal powders.
Mechanical alloying techniques will be investigated for
the elaboration of highly reactive laser sinterable
powders allowing one step direct sintering of high
performance/resistance functional parts.
To develop innovative approaches to the Selective
Laser Sintering principle:
Adaptive focusing optics for high power laser
Stress free laser layer sintering technique
Precompacting powder deposition systems
Total ambient control processing chamber
To develop economic CAD facilities for very fast
translation of STL parts files into mould cavities files
with all the required moulding functionality.

The partnership relies on top level European competencies
in powder R&D and manufacturing, laser machining and
software developments to achieve these aims.


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