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Development of a new hybrid jet-spindle spinning system for clean, flexible and competitive high quality yarns production


The most original and innovative part in the adopted solution resides in the high effectiveness of twist of the nozzle that offers the spinning system developed to produce yarn with a very similar structure to the conventional yarn, but produced to high-speed regime up to 600 m/min. As a prove of the originality and degree of innovation of the proposal is, that at the moment, it is assured the rights of property through the corresponding patent application. For a machine of pneumatic spinning, the key part is in the effectiveness of twist of the nozzle to produce a yarn the most similar as possible to the conventional yarn.
This is the part that has been developed with more success in the project, as is mentioned before, very high production speeds have been reached between the order 400 and 600 m/min. This advance so spectacular of the production, that surpass the foreseen expectations of the project.

In the figure it is shown inside the space formed by the following coordinate: quality, title of the yarn and productivity, where it is located the different spinning industrial systems at the moment in exploitation compared with the pneumatic wrapped spinning system with real torsion. It can be observed as the pneumatic wrapping spinning system with real wrapped torsion, developed during the project occupies the market space reserved to the yarns elaborated under conditions of high productivity, obtaining a level of quality comparable to conventional yarns. To this market space it belongs the around 50% of the spun ones below 30 tex, elaborated to world level, with an economic volume of around 530 millions EUR/year for the UE economic area and 1.200 millions EUR/year for Europe. These facts contribute to that the installation of a new spinning system starts with extremely favourable expectancies.
About 70% of the world production of spun yarns between
20 tex and 50 tex and almost 100% of fine yarns are under
20 tex made by the conventional ring spinning system.
This spinning system has became uneconomical due to its
low speed of production which oscillates between 15 m/min
and 25 m/min according to the count of the yarn to be
To increase productivity above these production speeds
and make this spinning system economically viable means
the degradation of the spun yarns which the market is not
prepared to accept. To improve the competitiveness of
this spinning system, machinery constructors have decided
to increase the number of spindles up to a total of 1,000
spindles per machine !!. Modern installations, where the
spinning ring frame is mounted together with the winding
machine, have turned the conventional ring spinning
system into a not very versatile method, unable to adapt
to the just in time and quick response production
requirements, such as the ever changing present and
future markets demand.
On the other hand, the conventional ring spinning system
cannot be easily automated and contaminates considerably
the working environment with dust and fluff released
during the productive process.
To prevent the above mentioned conditions this project
intends to develop a non contaminant, flexible, quick
spinning system.
This system is based on the use of miniature spindles as
twisting devices which allow to reach speeds up to
500.000 1/min increasing production speeds surpassing 300
m/min or, in other words, 20 times higher than using the
latest ring spinning frames for the same type of yarn.
Therefore, the number of spinning positions will be
drastically reduced while great flexibility of production
particularly is accomplished. This spinning technique is
particularly appropriate for frequent change of lots and,
therefore, for producing small lots. The minispindle acts
in combination with an air jet, responsible for imparting
real twist to the fibres proceeding from the drafting

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