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Development and design of a new friction twister, heating and automatic quality control for high speed machines with low pollution impact

Exploitable results

The aim of the project were the study and development of the critical devices of a texturing machine to reduce the defective production, decrease the machine noise, and eliminate the snow production while increasing the production of synthetic yarn. In order to accomplish these objectives, advance technologies have been applied in the design of the critical devices such as friction twister discs, heater and cooling devices. At the same time automatic unloading devices and on line quality control have been incorporated to assure the best quality in the final product. The main goals of this project were: - To increase the production from 800 meters/min. to 1,500 meters/min; - To decrease the defects of the production; - To decrease the actual energy consumption; - To decrease the noise impact. The results will account for a greater production and a better quality while reducing the pollution effects. In the project, the following devices have been developed to reach the project objectives: - Friction twister discs; - Cooling plate; - High temperature heater; - Unloading device; - Automatic bobbin quality control. The achievement of the project has been: - Friction twister discs: a new set of asymmetric discs has been developed that can be inserted into the existing false twisters. These new asymmetric discs can work at speeds over 1500 m/min with tenacity, elongation, crimp contraction and controlled snow production characteristics. - Cooling plate: there have been developed a new set of cooling plates based on several new geometric configurations and special surface treatment which allow to decrease the temperature of the yarn at high speed production. - High temperature heater: a new type of heater has been developed which dimensions have been reduced, the power consumption has been diminish by a factor 1.7 (almost the half of the consumption) and the speed of the yarn has been increased. - Unloading device: there has been developed a new automatic bobbin unloader based on a trolley that incorporates a robot. This device reduces the time of unloading and eliminates the unloading working task. - Automatic bobbin quality control: a new vision system has been developed that allows to detect defects in the bobbin packages once the bobbin has been unloaded of the machine.