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Content archived on 2024-06-10

Development and design of a new friction twister, heating and automatic quality control for high speed machines with low pollution impact


The aim of this project is the study and development of
the critical devices of a texturing machine to reduce the
defective production, decrease the machine noise,
eliminate the snow production while increasing the
production of synthetic yarn by at least a factor of 75%.
In order to accomplish these objectives, advance
technologies must be applied in the design of the
critical devices such as friction twister, heater
(cooler) and shuttle cursor threadguide. At the same time
automatic loading devices and on line quality control
must be incorporated to assure the best quality in the
final product.
Today Europe has a prominent position in the
manufacturing of texturing machines. The use of advanced
technologies in the critical aspects of this type of
machines will allow to enhance the competitiveness of
European texturing manufacturers and to disseminate the
technology developed in this project in the spinning
machine manufacturers.
The main goals of this project are:
To increase the production from 800 meters/min. to
1,500 meters/min.
To decrease the defects by a factor of 3, from 3.15% to
1% of the production (from 19.8 TM/year to 6.3 TM/year
and machine of defective yarn) .
To decrease a 22% of actual energy consumption (from 60
kW/h to 46.8 kW/h and machine).
To decrease the noise impact from 90 dB to 82 dB.
In order to accomplish with the aforementioned goals the
following issues will be developed:
Study and development of a new heating and cooling
devices for high speed yarn production and reduction of
environment pollution (present devices can only work up
to 1,000 meters/min. in average).
Design and development of a new friction twister and
new shuttle cursor threadguide devices to reach the speed
requirements, to minimize the noise pollution and improve
the quality of the yarn (present devices can only work up
to 1,000 meters/min. without quality and stability
Design of a on line quality control by means of
advanced sensor equipment including computer vision
(today, quality control is only applied for thread
thickness measurement).
Development of a robotics loader to allow a flexible,
robust and fast bobbin loading capacity (present machines
can only be loaded manually).
The technologies developed in this project will impact in
the texturing machinery and in the state of the art, and
will also impact in the spinning textile machinery. The
results will account for a greater production and a
better quality while reducing the pollution effects.

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