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Multi-Functional Flexible High Temperature Superconducting Tape


Numerous interesting applications of High Temperature Superconductors (HTSC) such as motors, levitated trains, power transmission lines, magnetic and electromagnetic screening, power storage facilities, MRI, nuclear fusion reactors are generally recognized on the condition that these new materials will have to be processed in long lengths of practical conductors.

This consortium has a clear industrial objective:

The development of a cost effective multi functional flexible HTSC tape (MUST) exhibiting an overall critical current density Jc > 106 A/cm2 at 77K and B=OT, using high power sputter deposition of 0,5 lmm thick YBa2Cu307 films on metallic and polymer substrates.

The end product is specifically designed to withstand stresses related to handling and operative use while maintaining the desired
characteristics in the superconducting state. The commercial possibilities of this end product will be demonstrated by using the flexible superconducting tape for the fabrication of components suitable for new MRI applications, fault current limiters and to wind a high field HTSC magnet (B>2T).

The American and Japanese competition is strong and has mainly centered its government supported activities on Ion Beam Assisted Deposition using Laser Ablation. A European effort has approached the problem from the side of MOCVD and the more classical Powder in Tube techniques. In spite of all this expertise, we feel the need to address the issue of flexibility, high current capability and up scaling from a new angle. By combining the unique talents of 6 European Industries (large ones as well as SME's) with 4 academic research institutions we claim to establish the following innovations crucial to the new technology:

textured metal foils,
large scale magnetron sputter deposition below 600 C on metals small scale deposition on polymers at 300 C,
low cost target (re )construction and manufacture of MRI components, fault current limiters and high fieldmagnets.

As the potential world market for superconductivity is rated at 7000 Mio ECU by 2001 and 21 430 Mio ECU by 2010, it is clear that even a modest share would make a substantial increase in the partners assets and could secure a prime position for the EC in developing future technologies for consumer electronics, transportation and energy production or storage.

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