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Ims rapid product development


The objective of the project IMS Rapid Product Development is to accelerate product development processes for mechanical parts by providing methods and tools for rapid manufacturing. The project comprises the realisation of a substantially improved process chain starting with physical or digital product models and leading to validate physical parts made of mass production materials in small or medium sized series. In order to realise this, innovative Reverse Engineering and Rapid Tooling technologies are developed. The realisation of the process chain can act as a prototype for a virtual enterprise.
The project has contributed to the following achievements:
1. Software for high-quality facet model generation from point-clouds is available;
2. An improved Rapid tooling software based on facet model is available;
3. A first prototype process chain for hard tooling using powder binder mixtures is available;
4. The soft-tooling process can be used to injection mould more than 5000 parts (size: up to 200-120-50, material: PA with 30% glass fibre filling) in one of these tools with no visible wear on the tool;
5. SLA-test tools can been manufactured and assembled into bolsters allowing injection moulding trials for real Engineering parts;
6. Test of tool design software (create draft angle, parting lines).

Several test parts were produced using the software and tooling methods developed within the project and the parts are running on actual prototype engines of the industrial partner BOM. These results serve as a base for benchmarking the technologies against conventional manufacturing technologies.

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