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An innovative, computerized, COndition MOnitoring System for Ship-diesel-engine maintenance, resulting in higher safety, lower energy and lubricant consumption, prolonging the engine-life and lower maintenance costs


This R&D-project concerns an innovative computerized, condition monitorlng system for ship-diesel-engine maintenance, maintenance, resulting in higher safety, lower energy- and lubricant consumption, prolonging the engine-life and lower maintenance costs. However it is known that condition monitoring has possitive effects on the total costs, until this moment no one has been able to develop a reliable condition monitoring system for ship-engines. Studies in the past have not led to successful monitorlng systems.The approach of the development of the condition monitoring system by Delta Maintenance and DEI is completely new. The technology of the new condition monitoring system is based on measurements and detection on the crankshaft of the engine by measuring the torque-behaviour of the dieselengine. Through monitoring the engine on this point, it is possible to detect future engine-problems in an early stage. The system registrates every inaccuracy and specifies the exact location where future engine problems can be expected. Through software the torque-definition will be shown by 3D & 2D graphics (torque angle, time, position/angle crankshaft). Developing this Innovative system for the shipping industry will lead to lower maintenance costs a decrease of the energy- and lubricant-consumption an increase of the life span of ship-diesel engines, an Increase of the (crew) safety and a decrease of standstill situations. If maintenance based on condition monitoring becomes standard, the following savings can be achieved:
Ship industry Othe
r industrial sectors Increase engine life span +/- 5 years +/- 5 years Energy saving
2,000,000 kWh 6,000,000 kWh Lubricant saving 4,070 kg/kWh
8,140 kg/kWh Maintenance costs saving 60,000 ECU/year 120,000,000 ECU/year Inspection costs saving
75,000 ECU/year 150,000,000 ECU/year

Funding Scheme

EAW - Exploratory awards


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