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The project idea is based on the combination of photogrammetry, stereolithography, CAD/CAM techniques and spray metal techniques in order to design and finally manufacture a jewel. Up till now, and in order to derive the design of a physical object and then manufacture a jewel, that was first designed directly on the computer or alternatively a laser machine was used. As a consequence we could not achieve maximum accuracy, the cost was very high and the procedure was time consuming. By the proposed method we will firstly use a digital camera in order to transfer the object on the computer and the elaborate the design by using photogrammetric techniques. That method enables us to see 3-D objects on the screen and also calculate its co-ordinates, thus we will be able to design the jewel with high accuracy and in every possible size and furthermore we will be able to specify exactly its cost and weigh before proceeding to its manufacturing. Afterwards, with the help of a powerful CAM programme, we will develop the code for the stereolithography. That method is used for rapid prototyping and produces prototypes with the help of a CNC machine by using different kinds of materials according to the needs. In the end we will manufacture the mould by using spray-metal techniques, thus by spraying the prototype with a spray-gun containing aluminium alloy.

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