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Product tracking for the textile dyeing finishing and printing processes


The project goal is to prototype a system for tracking in real time the products in the factory plant and to build a demonstrator vithin a textile factory . Suitable tags with the correspond readout units connected to the information system. The tags must resist all the process hard environment conditions ot' the dyeing process- chemical corruption. high temperature. mechanical stresses.... A typical Dye. Finishing and Printing company works with: a lot of different clients: a lot of different kinds of fabrics: different procedures to take in the same process. So, this kind of enterprise has to be well organised. to avoid delivering a fabric to the wrong client or to make different from the requested. Presently the Product Tracking in the dyeing, finishing, and printing processes does not exist. The usual way to know the production state is through the production orders. This project will develop a technology adapted to the needs of the textile dyeing, finishing and printing SME. due to the fact that it will help them to decrease significantly the production costs in small orders. and increase productiveness. A better production organisation will help SMEs to produce less waste and substandard materials. it will also help to speed up the process. These factors are of particular relevance in the production of many small series.

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