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Innovative complete production line for the manufacture of slate flooring tiles


The growth potential of the slate sector would be enhanced by the introduction of automated productions. Thus, the aim of this project is to design a prototype of an automated line for the production of flooring slate tiles. The main objectives can be summarized as follow: -To create new slate products (flooring tiles, platforms, steps etc.) with similar finish than other ornamental rocks as marble and granite, but with different properties: slate plaquettes with four bevelling edges and of a very uniform thikness (up to 0,5 mm variations). Therefore, new products of high quality will be introduced in the construction sector. -To automate the production of slate flooring tiles, that would involve an increase in finished tiles from 25 m2/day to 300 m2/day and would satisfy the existing market demand. -To increase over 25% the material utilization in the cutting process. The research, directed to obtain an automated line for the production of flooring slate tiles. should be approached as follows: Raw material study. An analysis of the physical qualities of the stone will determine the characteristics of the cutting diamond and the calibration process. Design and building of the prototype considering: a new cutting process for slate flooring tiles, with a precision of +/-0,3 mm, a machine to even out the block edges after cutting, a calibrating machine to even the bottom side to give a surface parallel to the top after exfoliation, rectification of up to 3 mm and three calibration heads will be required, a washing tunnel, two drying tunnels (after washing and waxing respectively), a waxing tunnel including an analysis of wax behaviour to optimize the process. Some transport methods between one stage and the next.

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