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Flexible systems for footwear manufacturing within the supply chain


Traditional planning methodologies are becoming increasingly inadequate for Footwear manufacturers. The demands of modern production, eg quick response, team working, sourcing of partially completed goods, multiple manufacturing sites and facilities and the role in the supply chain are not handled by standard MRP systems. In addition these systems are often beyond the capability of the SME to administer given their limited resources. This project proposes the development of a prototype planning and control system which is both flexible enough to meet changing demands, and is powerful enough to perform all of the functions required whilst still retaining ease-of-use for SME's. The benefits of a successful conclusion will apply not only to the Prime proposer and partners, but also to any SME operating in a similar environment. These benefits are likely to include shorter lead times within the Supply Chain; better control of purchasing of materials and components; shorter manufacturing cycle times; better use of manpower and plane and equipment and an overall reduction in operating costs.

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H. Orton & Sons Ltd.
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LE9 7BB Earl shilton
United Kingdom

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