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Simultaneous MRI and EEG measurement of brain function integrated within a single instrument


There is much interest, including from the EC, to the unravelling of human brain activity. Several clinical groups are already involved with correlating data obtained with EEG (electroencephalography), MRI (Magnetic-Resonance Imaging), and even PET and CT in order to obtain a more complete view on human brain functioning. A step further would be to simultaneously measure EEG and MRI to enable an interaction and a temporal correlation between the two measurements. The innovative objective of this project will be to develop a MRI-EEG scanner which enables the clinician to measure simultaneous details by functional MRI and the global brain activity by EEG. Also a close handshaking procedure between both EEG and MRI is foreseen in order to enable a precise timing and triggering. The instrument will be provided with removable and completely non invasive EEG electrodes to enable its use for human brain studies. This ensures not only a narrow interaction between the two data sets but also opens possibilities of triggering MR imaging sequences by specific signals from the EEG. Although the final objective is to trigger the development of MRI-EEG instruments for human applications, it is obvious that, for reasons of security, repetitivity and economy, the suggested research is performed on animals. However this will provide sufficient evidence to ensure the successful implementation on clinical systems. This new generation of clinical MRI systems represents a powerful tool for neurologists, and ensures the competitive position of European MRI instruments on the world market.

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