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High quality control system for non destructive analysis of glass and non opaque materials


The aim of the project is to develop an automatic electronic system for continuous control of all parameters relating to the size, visual appearance and chemical-physical properties of glass and non-opaque materials, particularly in connection with on-line quality analysis in real time of non-opaque glass phials for pharmaceutical use. The system is completely innovative because at present the quality control of these phials is done on a sample and manually by the operator, which raises the following problems: the operation is a difficult one and it takes a long time to analyse each item; the objective difficulty of recognising certain not unimportant flaws that are not easily visible to the naked eve, combined with the repetitive nature of the work (and inevitable fall in attention levels), mean that the manual check is not up to the standards required by the market. The present level of efficiency of this quality control needs to be improved to keep up with the increasinglv stringent quality requirements of pharmaceutical companies, as the speed of operation of filling and packaging machines improves, allowing little room for size variations and demanding a virtual absence of flaws. In existing production and testing lines it is not possible to test 100% of the products and even if it were possible the cost of such a manual control procedure would be too great for any company. The advantages of implementing an automatic system would be the following: - control of 100% of the items produced and consequent improvement in efficiency - possibility of reducing the number of rejects because the automatic system could interact in real time with the production process control logic to correct flaws as soon as they are detected.

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