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Design and development of control and automatic classification systems for the uniformity on surface layer of cork


The uniformity of the tone in the production of sheets of cork is one of the main reasons that has a bearing on the final quality of the production of the European manufacturing of recovering of cork industries. These industries are located in Spain, France, Italy, Greece and Portugal. A market survey carried out by ASEICOR revealed the great need for a system of inspection and automatic classification of the finished product that in real time inspects the cork surface to try to obtain a uniformity of tone that avoids a mosaic effect. Due to the natural characteristics of the product, traditionally this analysis was realised by means of human operators (with low rates of reliability, repeatability and inspection speed), who had a very high error rate (16%). The opportunity of using these systems will allow : . Reduce the error rate from 16% to 0.02%, increasing the inspection speed and standardising the process of inspection and classification. . Reduce the costs of the non quality (defects of surface and toal variations) and the postsale reclamations. . Improve the performance operators dedicated to the inspection. . Improve the standards of quality of the product and ther image of the brand. Finally, it is intended to develop a prototype, including in a basic way the best resulting technologies of the research phase. Another research project will be necessary to introduce this technologies in cost-effective marketable packaging machines. The development of the systems of automatic inspection and classification for selecting and classifying the cork sheets according to their tones, and applying the system for different models and types of manufature will be found to be in tune with the guidelines of the BRITE-EURAM Workprogramme 1.4.1.s, 2.3.2.s and 1.1.1.s.

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EAW - Exploratory awards


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