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Produktionstechnologie zur metall-sustitution in der kommunalen und industriellen gas-und wasserversorgung


For the substitution of metal in the field of gas and water utility the use of carbon fibre prepreg cut up of the aircraft building industrv will be investigated. Improved behaviour, high weight and also cost reductions up to 15% are anticipated but not verified. The metal elements in use are heavy in handling, expensive in production and suspect to corrosion The research is aiming for a general methodology for the preparation of a compound, the moulding and production of functional systems. The task of preparing a reliable material structure is made difficult since the prepreg cut up material is not reproducible in its origin. Furthermore the specification of the metal elements are not specifically declared, but grown by experience. Thus an assessment,using the profile of the known metal elements shall enable to determine the boundary conditions as well as the definition of the specification of the intended plastic parts in terms of environmental and load attack. The exploratory phase aims at clarifying of basic constraints for a subsequent CRAFT project and shall also help to find appropriate partners for the project.

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